Nokia is bound by the same industry barriers that others are

Nokia is bound by the same industry barriers that others are

The Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 are good looking phones, but one wonders whether that will be enough to make way in this market.

A few days after Mobile World Congress (or possibly before it), a select few units of the Nokia 6, 5 and Nokia 3 made their way to India. They were running on unfinished software when I saw them, in a meeting with HMD Global. But, I refrained from writing anything at the time, waiting for another day when the phones would be on finished software. Now, with its second and more publicised event in the country, trends dictate that I write something. And unfortunately, I’m not yet impressed with the new Nokia phones.

Before handing out devices at its event yesterday, HMD Global said the software is still unfinished. So, there may still be improvements, and I’ll be the first to admit that a full review can change the verdict on a device. But, having tried the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 twice now, I’m sure of one thing, these aren’t phones that were meant specifically for India.

You’ve questioned the choice of specifications yourself, so I’m not going to do that. And frankly, a Snapdragon 430 isn’t a deal breaker anyway, as long as one can make up for the 50%(theoretical) performance loss between that and a Snapdragon 650/652. So, what disappoints me is that the camera app itself takes a few seconds longer to open on the Nokia phones, than it ideally should. Again, this may change with “finished” software later. Nokia maintains that the Snapdragon 430 is the newest generation of Qualcomm’s SoCs, but it was always behind the 650/652 and will be far removed from the Snapdragon 660, launched today. So, when it comes to market, the Nokia 5 and 6 will essentially be a year old already.

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